E.S.P. - Welcome To The Grooveyard - “Alkaholiks Demo’s” by DOPE FOLKS RECORDS http://ift.tt/1la1h2v

#522: Tarred And Feathered - Act Two - Help Wanted by This American Life http://ift.tt/1lde8ig

In 1936 — perhaps the darkest year of his life — F. Scott Fitzgerald was convalescing in a hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, when he offered his nurse a list of 22 books he thought were essential reading. The list, above, is written in the nurse’s hand. via Pocket

In 1976 Paul Simon and George Harrison performed “Homeward Bound” on Saturday Night Live. This clip and more are included on the DVD Paul Simon & Friends. Wa… via Pocket

I don’t mind putting my email address in a signup form, so I can take a peek at a new Web product or service. The downside, of course, is that all of these subscriptions add up quickly. via Pocket

On the other hand, if you are a person of color and/or a woman, you do not benefit from the assumption that everything you do is inherently good and should be rewarded. via Pocket

Faster realtime data is great for machines but largely distracting for people. Realtime is a trap. The most recent tweets you’re reading aren’t necessarily the most relevant ones you could be looking at. via Pocket

World Premiere: H&M Life has initiated a new project where young artists from different parts of the world produce music videos with the support of H&M. All … via Pocket

You need a BA to file papers. Is a master’s in burger-flipping next? Last September, I wrote a lengthy cover story asking whether a college diploma is still worth it.  In some sense, it obviously is—there’s a substantial wage premium for college graduates. via Pocket

Robot Dance Party

KEXP & Sub Pop present Mudhoney from the Space Needle